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  • Residing in Mississauga, Ontario. 
  • Available to serve the chiropractic profession as chiropractor locum tenens
  • 30 years clinical experience, sole practitioner,
  • Collingwood Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic, Collingwood, Ontario. Sole practitioner
  • Diversified, sports injuries and rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy, custom foot orthotics, injury prevention, posture correction, lifestyle modification and coach, ultrasound, interferential, combine MSK with nerve pressure model, low intensity laser, x-rays, shockwave therapy, WSIB, MVA, PMP, Universal. 
  • Registered and in good standing with
  • CCO
  • OCA
  • CCA
  • CCPA

Available to travel throughout Ontario.
Locations outside of an hour or so radius may require accommodations....let's talk


Trouble sleeping? Consider the Divided / Segmented Sleep Theory.

Divided Sleep Theory

There is an idea gaining traction that our modern idea of eight or so hours of uninterrupted sleep is more an unnatural accommodation to the demands of commerce.

Divided sleep theory
Segment / Divided Sleep Theory
In pre-industrial Europe, people would typically go to bed as it became too dark to work, would have a period of deep sleep for a few hours, be wakeful though the wee hours of the night, and then enjoy a second lighter sleep until dawn. The wakeful time at night was occupied by meditation, prayer, stoking the fire, perhaps making love. 

During the full moon, people would be more active doing chores, visiting with neighbours, maybe pillaging. Perhaps this is the root of the perception that behaviours become more extreme during the time of the full moon.

As most people worked near their home farming or cottage industries, it was convenient to have a mid-day nap. 

In many countries not governed by the demands of Western commerce, this pattern of sleep continues. In such cultures, sleep is supplemented by a mid-day nap or siesta. 

Divided / Segmented Sleep Theory.
We find a similar night sleep pattern and mid-day nap in most other higher primates.

Divided / Segmented Sleep Theory.
Ergo, that time spent awake through the night, and that groggy time you feel in the early afternoon may be more natural for you than what we have been lead to believe as being a sleep disorder.

Divided / Segmented Sleep Theory.
Broken sleep may be nature's way.

Divided / Segmented Sleep Theory.
Mid-day naps may be nature's way.

I suppose that if you have trouble fitting into the industrial time clock, instead of taking medications and fretting, try adjusting your sleep patterns to be more in harmony with nature, rather than trying to change millions of year of evolution to fit 200 years of commerce. 

Of course this may necessitate an early bed time at the expense of watching the nightly news and late show. 

Divided / Segmented Sleep Theory.
Sleep well

Stress and pain can often interfere with restful sleep. With a unique combination of body treatment and mind treatment skills, I may be able to find your way through. 

Do consider seeing me for a complimentary consultation. 

Dr. Wayne Coghlan: Chiropractor / Counselling Psychology
Mississauga, Ontario.

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Dr. Wayne Coghlan

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