Over Eating.. a new look at underlying disorders.

I had the chance to listen to a CBC radio interview with Dr. Lance Levy, author of Conquering Obesity. Follow (or cut and paste into your browser) the link to the interview http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Ontario_Today/ID=1409122823 and to Dr. Levy's website http://www.drlancelevy.com/. The premise Dr. Levy's work is that for people who continuously struggle with obesity, there is usually some underlying medical/psychological issue that needs to be addressed.

These are:

1. Mood disorders and personality traits.
2. Chronic tiredness.
3. Chronic pain syndrome.
4. Chronic gastrointestinal disorders.
5. Disorders of impulse regulation. (Including ADD/ADHD and the adult equivalent)

Make no mistake... there is no way to get around eating less and being more active in order to manage weight... yet where overeating is a symptom of some underlying disorder, identifying and managing the causes will promote a better chance of success.

Fit in 15

Starting a new habit and sticking to it is difficult for many people. So many things get in the way and your favourite comfy chair or TV program look good after a long, busy day. Here are some tips to help you fit-in your fifteen minutes each day and get you started. The Fit-in 15 website contains links to Canada’s Physical Activity Guides for more ideas on healthy active living:




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